Take a look at the NEW Micro-Contactors!

The new Benedict Micro-Contactor offers space-savings, convenience and safety.

  • Relay-size Contactor, smallest in the world
  • > 3mm contact clearance acc. to IEC 60335-1 for Safety Applications
  • Reversing contactor with mechanical interlock

Call ECD at 1-800-947-0868 for more information on the new Benedict Micro-Contactor and all your control product needs.

ECD – Your Distributor with Something Extra!

ECD is more than a product distributor and fulfillment house. ECD provides a wide range of electrical components from quality manufacturers as well as value-added services like custom-built control panels. 

  • We know what we sell
  • We have industry experience & are factory trained
  • We specify products to meet your specs
  • We combine products into unique solutions
  • We provide real world technical & product support

Let us show you why ECD is Your Distributor with Something Extra! Call ECD at 1-800-947-0868 regarding your next automation project.


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ECD is Your Distributor with Something Extra! Connect with ECD on social media to keep up to date with company news, events, new products and more.


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ECD provides a wide range of automation and control products from industry leading manufacturers as well as value-added services.

Call ECD at 1-800-947-0868 for all your automation and control needs.



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Light Barriers w/o the Reflectors

ECD provides a complete line of Baumer products including SmartReflect light barriers without reflectors. Designed for reliable detection of all objects independent of the shape, color, transparency and surface.

Designed for many industries including Food & Beverage, Graphics, Packaging and Handling.

For more information on Baumer SmartReflect, call ECD at 1-800-947-0868.

Are You Connected ? ? ?

ECD offers a complete line of Device Networking and Industrial Communication Products from Antaira Technologies. Designed specifically for industrial and commercial devices, products include Serial, Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity solutions.

- Industrial Ethernet Switches
- Industrial Ethernet Media Converters
- Industrial Device Servers
- Industrial Wireless Devices

For more information on Antaira products, call ECD at 1-800-947-0868.