SAVE THE DATE . . . for the ECD Annual OPEN HOUSE!

The ECD Annual Open House will be held on August 15, 2014 at the ECD headquarters located at 1000 Meyer Drive in Crystal Lake, IL.

The Open House will feature:

- The ABB Traveling Roadshow
- Product Training
- Product Demos & Displays

Save the date and stayed tuned for more details. ECD is Your Distributor with Something Extra!

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Have You Seen . . . . the AP22M LED Pilot Lights?

The new IDEC AP22M series LED Pilot Lights feature a specifically designed LED and lens combination that provide illumination up to 100 times brighter than other pilot lights in an industry standard 22mm diameter package. These pilot lights are ideal for applications where high visibility in bright conditions is required. Available in various colors in 12V and 24V DC.

- Visible from all directions
- Ultra-bright, sunlight viewable LEDs
- Up to 100x brighter than standard pilot lights

For additional information on IDEC AP22M series pilot lights, call ECD @ 1-800-947-0868.

Did you know . . . ECD moved?

ECD’s new headquarters is conveniently located in Crystal Lake, Illinois just minutes from the previous Cary location.

- Same phone numbers
- Same great service
- More space to better serve you

ECD provides a wide range of automation and control products from industry leading manufacturers as well as value-added services.

Call ECD @ 1-800-947-0868 for all your automation and control needs.

New Force Guided Relays

IDEC’s new RF2 force-guided relays offer a 2-pole option to compliment the popular RF1V series of 4 and 6-pole relays.

- Space saving
- Increased safety
- 2 terminal styles
- With & w/o LED indicators

Force guided relays are key electromechanical switching components used as a failsafe to detect failures such as contact welding or damage to the contact spring. These relays are often used in combination with elevator controls, interlock switches, light curtains and emergency stop switches.

These compact relays provide added safety while saving cost and installation space.

For additional information on IDEC RF series relays, call ECD at 1-800-947-0868.

Space Saving Terminal Blocks

ECD provides a complete line of Terminal Blocks from ABB Entrelec.The SNK series of Terminal Blocks offer a compact design and multiple functions. Other features include:

- Wide range of wire sizes 24 AWG to 2 AWG
- Screw, Spring & IDC connections
- IP20 (Touch Safe) versions
- Complete line of accessories & marking systems
- Standard DIN Rail mounting

ABB – SNK-terminals-brochure

For additional information on ABB Entrelec Terminal Blocks, call ECD at 1-800-947-0868.

Flexible Drive Cable

ECD provides a complete selection of Lutze DRIVEFLEX ® drive cables. All DRIVEFLEX cables use a special formulation of cross linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) to meet the unique challenges of VFD and Servo applications.

- Superior electrical values
- UL Listed for flexible VFD & Servo cable
- Safe & efficient power transmission
- 1000V or 2000V UL rated

For additional information on Lutze DRIVEFLEX cable, call ECD at 1-800-947-0868.

Understanding NEC Article 409 – Short Circuit Ratings

Improper short circuit ratings or no marked short circuit ratings on industrial control panels can create confusion and safety hazards. The NEC Article 409 Industrial Control Panel Short Circuit Ratings removes the confusion. With Article 409, the NEC has instituted strict and concise guidelines to facilitate the safe design, marking and installation of industrial control panels.


Follow the link below to read the complete White Paper on NEC Article 409 by ABB.

ABB – Understanding NEC Article 409

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Enclosed Disconnect Switches

ECD provides a full line of enclosed disconnect switches from ABB. The eOT series are rotary operated, 3 pole, 600V HP rated switches designed to meet customer requirements and provide maximum safety. Features include:

- Wide range of amperage ratings
- Space savings
- Easy installation
- Convenient operation
- UL approved & NEMA rated

For more information on ABB Disconnect Switches, call ECD at 1-800-947-0868.

6mm Interface Relays

IDEC 6mm interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose and hazardous location relay requirements. The RV8H series interface relays are ideal for PLC and electronic systems, industrial automation, panel builders, assembly machine applications and other applications that require a high switching capability in a compact space. The RV relays can be used as a universal interfaces between the controller and the actuator to switch small and medium size loads. Installation time is greatly reduced with pre-assembled relays and sockets.

- Space-saving 6mm width
- Only 70mm in height from DIN rail
- Wide input voltage range: 6 to 240V
- RoHS compliant
- Class I, Division 2 versions for hazardous locations

Replacement relays and sockets are also available. Optional accessories include jumpers, spacers and marking plates to facilitate wiring and quick identifications.

For more information on IDEC RV8H relays, call ECD at 1-800-947-0868.